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HTML5, Javascript and AS3

by Frederic CHAPLIN

Random hexagon map generation using HTML5 canvas and createJS

Hexagonal tiles maps with CreateJS This new set of posts will focus on hexagonal tiles map generation. The subject is broader than you might think. It may involve MVC architecture, random generation, pathfinding algorithms, implementation of biomes, management of user … Continue reading

by Frederic CHAPLIN

EaselJS become CreateJS and will be used in Flash IDE to export in HTML5 canvas

This week some good news were heard from Amsterdam and the Creative Layer Blog from Adobe, all about EaselJS and it’s future. Reminding the story Since january 2011, Grant Skinner is working on an open source project called EaselJS. This … Continue reading

by Frederic CHAPLIN
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Creating a HTML5 game with EaselJS : Space Kamikaze 2

I wanted to move to Sencha and ExtJS V2 (which looks promising) in February, and leave EaselJS aside, but I finally changed my mind. I will try, over this year, not only to study different libraries HTML5, but also, for … Continue reading

by Frederic CHAPLIN

Discover EaselJS : HTML5 XML dynamics carrousel and dock menus

Today, I’ll just apply what I have shown in my previous posts to create advanced dynamics menus, with externalized in XML content. So I’ll create a Menu() class, which will take a Jquery loaded XML as parameter . This class … Continue reading

by Frederic CHAPLIN

Discover easeljs: animation and display list

In the previous post, I told you why Easeljs is a good library to start with HTML5 canvas when you come from the “Flash world”, and I posted my first script, a “hello world”. This time, I’ll speed things up … Continue reading

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